What is Spray Foam Insulation?

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

What is Spray Foam insulation? It can improve the energy efficiency of your building, reduce CO2 and your carbon footprint.

Spray Foam insulation can:

Effectively air seal the part of the building your are insulating, this is important if you want to maximise the effects of your heating/cooling systems.

Effectively manage moisture and condensation which can be very damaging.

This type of insulation should always be applied by experienced contractors using approved equipment and materials.

It is also vital to understand the importance in the performance and characteristics of foam insulation.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?


Spray Foam insulation generally consists of two chemicals which are delivered to the mixing chamber within the spray gun, this is where the two chemicals mix and form a thick liquid which very quickly form a layer of rigid foam. Whilst it is still liquid it creeps into joints, cracks and overlaps and immediately expands to form a completely seamless finish.

As a result of these qualities foam insulations can reach areas that other types of insulation cannot and therefore, it is an effective solution to your insulation needs leaving the surface it has been applied to air tight.

Spray Foam insulation can also be a more effective way of insulating, it is double the efficiency of fibreglass or cellulose insulation. Of course there are other benefits compared to fibreglass insulation such as the ease of application and health issues.

Foam insulation also manages moisture well and satisfies current ICC code requirements due to its closed cellular structure. Most surprisingly foam insulation provides structural value of about 75% of the shear strength of a 12mm sheet of plywood depending on the product used.

In conclusion spray foam insulation can be quick and easy to install, is a cost effective alternative to more traditional methods of insulation and can be more efficient in saving you money on your bills and in helping preserve the planet.

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